Vitamin A

" Vitamin A is the greatest deficiency in the world. Most poeple are unaware that they suffer from a chronic localized deficiency of vitamin A. As vitamin A is light sensitive it is destroyed every day in our skin and that is the main reason why we develop photoaging. You could say that the skin is constantly in need of vitamin A."         -Dr. Des fernandes 

Vitamin A is the skin all be all. With this being said it is best to start low and go slow to work our way up in doses to eventually be able to tolerate the highest amounts of vitamins our skin can handle to get the best results. Vitamin A goes hand in hand with vitamins C and E along with rich peptides and antioxidants with all these ingrediants combined they work wonders.They work together on normalizing the skins function, reverses signs of damage and promotes healthy looking skin. We have one skin for one lifetime so why not take care of it. And lucky for us there is a skin care line that is true to there manifesto and truly wants to help each and every generation with their ultimate skin goals. Environs line is revolved around vitamin A and all other skin  neccesity  sources.

The founder of Environ says..

"It is never too early in life to start thinking about skin care. From the day of birth, skin is the canvas of life that presents our picture to the world."- Dr. Des Fernandes

Whether you care about what you look like or not wouldn't you want the healthiest life possible?Your skin is a good place to start.We all know having a healthy life style to most means changing their eating habits which is not easy so why not look and feel better by helping your skin!

Breanna Murray, Aesthetician

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